Literacy Braingym 5

Task - 1 Daniel will choose a new laptop - Future She steps up onto the stage - Present The player kicked the ball - Past Maria will play hard - Future The ball landed over the fence - Present The crowed cheered loudly - Present The team celebrated their victory - Present The coach is screaming loudly - Present

Literacy Braingym

A) Where we learn new words from B) What we can do to help understand what the words mean Other people)( Search up - Dictionary Dictionary)(                       Internet Movies )( Ask - Adults Books)(            Others Media )(            Peers Auto Correction)(  Sound it out 1 Once the data has been collected it must be analysed . Analysed - I have analysed your class and I think they could be given more homework on this subject. 2 Buying a lotto ticket has potential for financial gain. Potential  - The girls in the basketball reps team have great potential to make top 5 nz basketball team. Ticket - I have one more ticket left to go watch Lakers vs Chicago Bulls if you would like to buy it. 3 The theme of the novel was discussed  in class. Discussed - I discussed with the school about the canteen prices being to high. Theme  - The theme for the ball this year is Heaven and Hell. Influence -  Clout - I knew she carried a lot of clout - Clou

Examples of film study should i use

Body Language - When you are assigned to play a character by using your body and not using words. Film Technique's - Is using different shots to make the video/movie exciting. Dialogue - Talking from character to character Editing - Instead of editing the video after you take a shoot the photographer with take the picture with strict order. Lighting - Light can be natural or artificial. It can be flat or full contrast,full contrast can create dramatic scenes. Lighting is often used for creating film. Music - Used to set the mood portrait emotion and vibe in the film. Voice over -  a piece of narration in a film or broadcast, not accompanied by an image of the speaker. Special Effects - An illusion which is created by using computer graphics. Structure - Structure is basically creating a structured scene. Use of voice - Using your voice like me yelling at WIKI.

Pay it forward 2

Pay it forward video 3 Dialogue-When the kid was getting bullied,then the video goes to the parent's. Zoom in/out-When he hears the kid getting bullied and then he goes to work around the corner it zooms up on his face. Music and sounds-The music goes dramatic when he get stabbed. Camera Angles-When his mum and teacher runs to him the camera angles go up and down and side to side. Video 2 Panning at the beginning and a zoom up and zoom out from his face to his body. Dramatic sounds when they are sitting on the couch after the death of her son. Camera Angles when they walk onto the deck and it goes to them then the first boy with the candle on a angle. Symbol Creating-The hole dramatic scene. Video 1 At the beginning of the video one there is and zoom in zoom out on his face. Camera angles-When he's walking up and down the room. Cross cutting between boy and teacher. Dialogue alternating the shoot between the different kids in the room.

Inquiry Noticing

Pay it forward

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